The Moment I Fell in Love for the 4015th Time

Not every story can be sharp and witty or sad, poignant and moving. Sometimes we have, and revel in, happy, sappy times. As I put my memories to paper, I would be sorely remiss if I didn’t include those moments when it became clear to me that I was blessed beyond any mortal expectations.

Dancing at Versailles

Dancing at Versailles

Like most, my life has had it’s serious lumps and bumps, grief and illnesses, but it has also had greater measures of smooth sailing and sunny days, and is blessed and made richer each day by my husband. God knows what I did right to deserve him, but he’s a treasure and each day I fall in love with him a little more.

One day, about eleven years into our marriage, I fell a lot harder than on most other days. I was running a bone marrow campaign with the help of my church at an almost obsessive pace and had just come to the realization that, for many people, the prospect of donating bone marrow was far from the no-brainer I considered it to be.

I went to my sounding-board soul mate and asked him, “How would you feel if, you, as a donor, were a match for someone and were asked to go through a painful procedure and a six-to-eight-week recovery, knowing that you only had about a 10% chance of actually saving the patient’s life?”

His response floored me.

“Where’s the down-side?”

Perhaps all was not right with the world, or even with my bone marrow drive, but all was right with us.

© Laura Hedgecock 2009


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