A Driving Vice

I have a vice that annoys people.  I don’t mean to do it and I really feel bad for the people that I exasperate.  

Not long ago I was in a car with three of my soccer teammates.  We were stuck behind a signal-light-sxc
car whose driver slept through a green light.  My teammates got the giggles over how irate the driver of our car became when the other driver took several long seconds to catch on that the light had changed. 

Then one by one, the other two women confessed that they too become enraged when a driver doesn’t notice a light turning green.  From the back seat I confessed, “I’m usually the one sleeping.”  They thought it was a joke and laughed heartily. 

But it’s not a joke.  I’m easily distracted and suffer from run-away brain.  Unfortunately, my brain is most likely to run away when there is nothing else for it to be doing.  Sitting at a red light fills just that prerequisite.  There I sit, intending to drive stressfully around like everyone else, when something catches my eye and off I go on a mental adventure.

Last week I felt particularly bad for a young driver. I didn’t even get out of my sub, before my concentration waned.  There I sat at the exit of our sub onto the main road wondering what a good Bar Mitzvah gift might be, when the light turned green.  My teenage son, though with me, was playing with his i-touch™, so was no help.  Stuck behind me was a young man in a beat-up car old car that, upon reflection, didn’t sound like it idled too well. It probably didn’t reduce his irritation any that he didn’t have a working horn.  He was reduced to opening his car door, hanging his head out and yelling, “HEY!”   

I did manage to get across the intersection in time for him to make the light.  I tried shooting him an apologetic look, but received no mercy in return.  His hand gestures indicated that he doubted both my sanity and intelligence. 

© Laura Hedgecock 2009


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