Miss u

Maturity isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Not that maturity wouldn’t be welcome when it comes to writing assignments in a planner instead of on a palm (epidermis palm, not the electronic palm) or picking up clothes or walking the dog. But when it’s the type of maturity that enables a son to leave home for longer periods of time, this mom’s not ready.

 Does absence make the heart grow fonder? This is my son we’re talking about; I doubt I could grow fonder. But the heart does go giddy when I hear from him. Part of his mission trip rules say that we aren’t supposed to be calling, etc. (much).  After he was gone for 36 hours I found written on my Facebook wall: “really miss u guys” Not that I want him to be miserable missing us, but it was nice to know that we had not been totally forgotten.

Further efforts to converse have been met with a minimal response.  I sent him a text “How are u? What’s it like? R u working hard or hardly working?”  In response I got two words:  “Working hard.”

Finally today, I hear a bleep and look down and see the little chat window open with a “hey mom” that made my day. I choose to think it’s because he misses me, not that he simply wanted to remind me to buy a new shower curtain rod to replace the one he broke right before leaving. My heart did the giddy thing again. Again I got a minimal response, but it made me happy. When I said I missed him, I got the teenage male response.


What more could a mom want? I mean besides the Bed Bath and Beyond coupon with which to buy the shower curtain rod by Saturday.

© Laura Hedgecock 2009


2 thoughts on “Miss u

  1. That is without a doubt the sweetest thing I have ever heard. A teen boy who still admits he misses you… that is really lovely! It’s a testament to what kind of parents you are – obviously, the good kind 🙂


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