Story Behind the Smiles

It’s nice to get a photo of a family in the annual Christmas letter. Last year I was pleasantly surprised to get a photo of one girlfriend’s daughters because she had threatened to send out cards with a photo of her schnauzer instead, inscribed with “It’s been a dog of a year!”  So many times we don’t get the story behind the smiles, which actually can be pretty interesting.

We as a family have a difficult time getting a good photo taken.  One year, while we were vacationing in Wyoming, I was determined to make it happen.  My camera had a timer option and I set it up to take a photo of us in several different beautiful scenes.  Most of the time one of us, usually me or my youngest, would blink or end up with some phony grimace instead of a smile. Finally we got this one, but it wasn’t easy. So here’s the rest of the story…


We were hiking on a beautiful trail, not far from a campground.  The boys got up on the tree limb while I set up the camera.  As I got up on the tree limb, my oldest lost his balance and started to fall.  As he tried to right himself, his foot hit not the ground, but a little, partially inflated, bag of dog poop, which exploded.  As the shutter opened we weren’t saying “cheese,” but were having a good laugh!  We were laughing for awhile after the shutter closed, too.

© Laura Hedgecock 2009


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