Learning to swim

The summer of 2001, I put my then five year old in swim lessons.  He did fine during the lessons, but when they were

Kindergartener has stubborn streak

Kindergartener has stubborn streak

over, he’d flatly refuse to try to swim.  He’d tool around happily in the shallow end of the pool,  but would not put his face in the water.  We’d remind him that he could swim with the teacher.  He’d insist he couldn’t do it alone.  We’d hold him just like the teacher did, and voila, he could swim.  When we’d let go, he’d freak and insist he couldn’t swim alone. We’d ask him if he wanted to stay in the shallow end of the pool the rest of his life and he’d say that was fine with him.  We asked him about the lake and he’d say he was happy to wear a life vest for the rest of his life.

And so the summer ended.  Josh loved the pool but did not want to swim.

As the following summer started, my in-laws decided to celebrate their 50th anniversary in Williamsburg, VA with their three children and six grandchildren.  On the first night, all six grandchildren were playing in the hotel pool.  My husband was watching our two little saints.  Josh got out of the pool and reported calmly to his dad, “I think I can swim now,” and walked away.  His dad was still stuttering something along the lines of “Whaaa?” when Josh sashayed to the deep end of the pool and jumped in.

My husband was preparing to dive in and rescue his son when he noticed something odd.  Joshua could swim now.

© Laura Hedgecock 2009


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