Boring Lesson

IrisMy irises have iris borers.  As I dug them up and cut off the mushy parts I learned a couple of things.

Lesson 1:  When trying to smash an iris borer with a rock you don’t have to use much force.

Lesson 2:  When you use too much force smashing an iris borer, its guts squirt out everywhere.

Lesson 3:  Iris borer guts are disgusting.

Lesson 4: Iris borer guts up and down the back of your calves are mucho disgusting.

Lesson 5:  Iris borer guts attract bees and wasps. 

I’d tell you more lessons, but I’ll be in the shower for a while.

(C) Laura Hedgecock 2009


2 thoughts on “Boring Lesson

  1. Thanks Laura, I was LOL on this one. I had taken a break from work and was reading this while I was eating lunch. Next time, I’ll just wait until I’m done eating before I read you posts. 😀


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