Targeted Response

Today I did the post-cleaning of my kids’ bathroom.  That the cleaning that takes place after they’ve said they’ve cleaned it and they have been sent back to “finish the job” a couple of times.

Is just my kids, or does every teenage boy think that the definition of “throwing away” an item is “casually toss said item in the general direction of the trash can, not worrying in the slightest about exactitude, because,  unlike horseshoes, no extra points are given for hitting or being close to the target” ?  They’re athletes.  Shouldn’t their aim be a little more accurate?  They generally just get it within a few yards.  And if they can take the time to shove stuff under the rug, couldn’t they just as easily have picked up the item?  Desperate measures are needed.

Open Letter to the Farmington Hills Golf Course:

Dear Management:

I would like to propose a new policy for your course that will win you favor with parents of teenagers and accomplished golfers alike.  As I understand it, golfers are generally trying to hit a small ball into a small cup about the size of a jelly jar that is located 200 to 350 yards away using as few strokes as possible.   My teenage boys are taking up the sport and I realize that it often takes them substantially more time to play the course than required by experienced golfers.  I suggest that you make a minimum requirement for teenage boy golfers.  Young golfers should be required to be able to throw away contact lens cases, kleenex, etc. from a distance of 2 feet  into a bathroom trashcan approximately 1 square foot big before they are granted a tee time.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

Fatigued in Farmington


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