5¢ Son

If there's a Nutbush Road, there must be a Nutbush.

My mom grew up near Victoria, Virginia.  Though U.S. Census records listed their home as Pleasant Grove District, the locals called the immediate vicinity “Nutbush.”  (I used to thing my dad was making it up to tease my mom, put MapQuest backs him up.)

There wasn’t much in Nutbush, Virginia, but there was a general store.  My mom and her siblings liked to remember the owner and his kids.   They would gleefully remember one young son in particular who worked the cash register.  When someone bought a bar of soap, he would “holler” back to his father, “Pa, how much is the nickel soap?”  With seemingly infinite patience belied only by the exaggerated elongation of the already long “i” of his Virginian drawl, the father would holler back, “Fiiive cent, Son.”

© Laura Hedgecock 2011


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