Can’t Let Go….Am I Really Supposed to?

“Let Go and Let God.”

Good advice if you can do it.  Hard advice when it comes to your kids – at least for me.

It’s not that I have no faith and it’s not as if I’m conceded enough to think my plans for my children are better, safer, smarter or anything like that.

It is just incomprehensible for me to think that God loves my kids the same way, as I do.  Maybe He loves them as much, but definitely not the same.

God has  so many children—and so many of them are in desperate situations.  It doesn’t seem reasonable to expect  Him to care deeply over each child’s relatively mundane heart breaks, stumbling blocks, and temptations.

Does God really have the luxury of obsessing over each young person’s dreams and endeavors?

Maybe that’s why He gave kids parents.  Maybe my caring, nurturing, praying, ok –obsessing, is doing God’s work.

I  feel better now.


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