Signs Reveal Dorm Humor

When my son, a freshman in college, told me that there were entertaining signs posted throughout his dorm, I braced myself.  Admittedly, my mind went to the kinds of things you might read inside a gas-station bathroom stall. Since I very rarely find the things scraped on walls funny—and almost always find it on the crass side—I hardly dared to ask for details.

But, I’m glad I did. Apparently there is a sort of social-humor being expressed on the walls of his dorm. Non-campaign posters (“Remember, So-and-So is not running for student government, so don’t vote for “So-and-so”! ) alternate with post-it comments on the fire alarms (“Not working—keep running!”).


It really hasn’t even been that many days! Did I miss an email?

Now some of my favorite messages from my son are photos of his dorm walls.

Then there’s my favorite…


Notice that the individual wookiees can be torn off.

(c) Laura Hedgecock 2013


8 thoughts on “Signs Reveal Dorm Humor

    • I would have loved to take a wookiee, but he texted me the picture, so I had to make due with a virtual wookiee. (In person I would have taken a wookie for myself and one for a frient!


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