Top Search Results for “Pictures..”

Yesterday, during lunch with friends, I decided to use the Google app on my iPhone to look for a picture.  The Google app features helpful suggested searches by Google, based on common search results with the keyword  used.  This gave us a look at the top searches in Google for “Pictures …”

What does this say about our society or at least the 4G society?

picture searches on google.

Google’s suggested searches

How did herpes beat out Jesus? Hopefully, it’s that more people know what Jesus looks like than know what herpes looks like.

Most surprising, for me, is blue ivy’s appearance; or is there some correlation between herpes, ringworm, shingles and blue ivy that I don’t know about?

Comments anyone?

© Laura Hedgecock 2013


2 thoughts on “Top Search Results for “Pictures..”

  1. Aren’t the Google suggestions tied to your prior searches, i.e., predictive of what it thinks you might be looking for. Makes me wonder what you’ve taught your phone. 🙂


    • Hardly. I’ve heard that google does feed into networks. For instance, when a group of us were searching for the same information on a hotel’s network, the 3rd and first person got the article in question as their first hit. I’m more worried that other people at Panera are simultaneously looking for Jesus and Herpes in their salads.


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