How to Reap Mistletoe — Corrected Version



If your read Tuesday’s post, “How to Reap Mistletoe,” you may recall that I invited my friend Beth and my sister to correct my story as needed. What follows is the corrected story from Beth, who mentions at every opportunity, that she is not as old as my sister.  She maintains that my sister got it mostly wrong, in that the community of Cowpens, SC was not involved. Luckily, a shotgun still is.

…. The first Christmas after Beth relocated from the Washington DC area back to her native SC , she kept looking for mistletoe to hang over the her doors.  In the DC area, she was able to buy mistletoe at places like nurseries, Lowe’s, and Home Depot, but she struck out at these places in SC.

Finally she went to Buford Street Drug Store in Gaffney SC, which is also a U.S. Post Office, a hardware store, and plant store.  Says Beth, “It’s beautiful. One stop shopping.”  When she went in and started asking where she might be able to buy mistletoe,  an older man exclaimed, “Honey, I’ll shoot you some down. Where should I bring it”?

Going with the flow, as it were, Beth told him where she worked.  The next morning, when she arrived at her office she found a plastic grocery bag nailed to the door with a jumble of mistletoe.

You can’t beat the generosity and the sweetness of Southerners.


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