About Laura Hedgecock

My Family

My Family

I, Laura Hedgecock, am probably the source of the wind as much as I am the source of the memories.

This blog is the result of re-reading a book of middle-school fiction, Sahara Special.  In this book, the protagonist, Sahara, is advised by her teacher, “A writer writes.”

I had always secretly considered myself a writer, so I decided it was time to begin.  I had also aspired to write down some of my memories to augment my genealogical research, I decided to start there. My inspiration is my grandmother’s writings,which she called “My Treasure Chest of Memories.”  (See my memory sharing how-to website: www.TreasureChestofMemories.com.)

I chose the title since I don’t want my memories to disappear in the wind.  However, what you’ll find here will change with my mood, and my moods can change like the wind, so maybe there’s some subtext to the title.

Other than that, you’ll probably get to know a wealth about me through my writings. I’m always happy to hear from other bloggers.

© Laura Hedgecock 2009-2013


3 thoughts on “About Laura Hedgecock

  1. Hi my maiden name is Laura Hedgcock. I stumbled across your blog when someone looking to find me mentioned it. How wierd to find someone with my name. Since marrying 30 years ago, I have used my married name of Laura Jarvis. I am the last of the Canadian line of Hedgcock’s (only one “e”). I would be curious about your lineage.


    • That’s kind of neat. Where are you from. Obviously, the Hedgecock comes from my husband — maybe you’re part of his extended family.


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